May 18, 2024


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MYKP.ORG receives call from visitor who provided the following feedback, which MYKP.ORG took action to resolve within 1 hour.

Feedback Received from (510) 374-3**8:

1:27 Message: (4:54PM EST): hello, i’m calling this number because it was the contact number for I am a pre-school teacher and was looking for something and came to the site. I do want to reach out and point out that the 3rd story down today: PRE-CHILD HEARING FOR HANGING KIDS. this is not good news, or this web site doesn’t look like there’s not a lot going on. if someone wants to have a developmental appropriate site, you need to take this news off of your page.

Response: thank you for your feedback. as a result, we have changed the news feed to display news associated to SAFETY instead of KIDS.

Thank you for your feedback. If there are any other inappropriate areas, please do not hesitate to contact us the same way you contacted us. We are very sorry for causing any inconvenience and assure you that the web site is continuing to incorporate more technologies to provide a better kids portal for all kids learning how to use the Internet.